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Crowded teeth and a misaligned bite may lead to several aesthetic  and functional dental complications. It also becomes harder to maintain hygiene, in such cases, which further exacerbates decay. Overload and attrition reduce the overall life of teeth and also lead to disease of the temporomandibular joint. An Orthodontist is a specialist who is qualified to help you solve such problems and straighten your teeth to form a perfect and stunning smile!

Bite correction in Kharkov

Orthodontics is a specialisation in dentistry, which deals primarily, with the diagnosis and correction of crowded teeth and abnormal bites. According to statistics, approximately 90% of the population has a malocclusion and about 50% of them require immediate orthodontic treatment. Bite correction is necessary not only for aesthetic reasons, but often, also from a clinical standpoint.

Malocclusion is usually the main cause of periodontitis and periodontal disease development. Diagnosing inflammation in the temporomandibular joint also happens due to an abnormally formed bite.

In patients who have dysfunction of the maxillofacial joint, there is fever, headache and a characteristic clicking and pain, in the joint.

Orthodontic treatment

Contrary to the prevalent notion that orthodontists are mostly sought by children or teenagers, statistics say that about 68% of orthodontic patients are middle aged (ZNIIS study). 

Thanks to modern technologies, doctors manage to conduct effective orthodontic treatment of patients from various age groups.

Orthodontic treatment options

There are two main types of orthodontic constructions:

  • Bracing Systems and removable orthodontic appliances. Braces are special systems that are used in dentistry to correct bites. Depending on the nature of the requirements, braces can be mounted either vestibularly or lingually. ( on the outer side of the dentition or the inner side)
  • Ligature bracing systems are classic constructions used for correction of deformed bites. These systems derive their name from a special mechanism that holds the wire, called the “ligature”. With its help, the metal wire is fixed in the slot of the lock, which has the corrective effect on the teeth. The bracket is fixed with a special material, very similar to a filling.  Ligatures are of two types: metallic and elastic. The latter need to be changed with each pulling wire.

It has to be noted, however, that the bite correction process (Kharkov), with ligature braces occurs more slowly than with self-ligating braces. The main advantage of self-ligating braces is that, thanks to better sliding, they contribute to the natural adaptation of the teeth. They are more comfortable for patients and require fewer adjustments by the attending dentist than ligature ones.

In our clinic, it is also possible to straighten your teeth (Kharkiv) with lingual or vestibular braces. Lingual braces - Lingual braces are the best method when it comes to treating aesthetic disorders of the teeth, that are invisible to the naked eye, because they are attached to the inner side of the dentition. While lingual braces are a relatively new development in dentistry, they have been receiving widespread acclaim and have proven themselves across settings.
Their installation requires a high level of skill and accuracy on the part of the orthodontist, and therefore, it is of vital importance that the procedure is carried out by a competent doctor. The price of lingual braces (Kharkov) in our clinic depends on the fixation format: full or partial.

The main advantages of lingual braces:

  • They do not come into contact with lips, gums and cheeks, therefore they are comfortable to wear;
  • Allow for the correction of of a deep bite, with which other types of braces struggle to cope.
  • The smaller the distance between fixtures (in comparison with ligatures), stronger the effect of the arc on the dentition, due to which the alignment process is faster;
  • Lingual braces are invisible to others and so patients are spared embarrassment and stress, during the period of the treatment.

Disadvantages include, high cost, possible adverse effects on diction, longer installation time.

We can also add to the list of removable orthodontic appliances: trainers, aligners and plates. Eliners (Kharkov) are thin and transparent caps, which are used to treat complex defects of the jaw. Often, experts recommend using them to ensure results after wearing braces.

Usually used for:

  • Correction of defective bites;
  • Correction of dislocated teeth.

The price of mouthguards for straightening teeth (Kharkov) depends on the type you choose: conventional (made on a universal model), individual (designed for a particular person),
thermoplastic (adapting to the shape of the patient's teeth). You can find out the exact prices for mouthguards in the corresponding section of our site.

General recommendation

If you need orthodontic treatment, you should be prepared for two things:

  • The treatment won’t be quick. The exact duration depends on the complexity of the problem.
  • Orthodontic treatment requires serious financial investments.
  • During the orthodontic treatment your teeth would need 10 times better care!

That is why it is necessary to choose a good clinic and a competent doctor. If you are interested in the services of our orthodontist (Kharkiv), feedback on the work can be found on our website in the same section.

We will help you find the best treatment plan, for both your health and beauty. We wish you health and cheer!

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