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Veneers are highly aesthetic, ceramic plates that can restore or alter the outer surface of teeth. They are used for slight curvatures in the position of the teeth, or in their damage due to caries, chipping or abrasion. Veneers are of two types - Those under which an insignificant part of the tooth surface grinds, and those that are fixed on an non-prepared tooth (untouched).



The cost of veneers in White & White Dental Studio

Temporary crown (onlay, veneer) 1st level — 900 uah.
Temporary crown (onlay, veneer) 2nd level — 1200 uah.


Fun Fact!

The first veneers appeared in the 1930’s, in America.They were invented by the famous dentist Charles Pincus, especially for Hollywood stars, to bolster their image and appeal. The first plates were attached to the tooth enamel with adhesive sprays. They usually weren’t held onto the teeth for longer than 2-3 days.

Modern veneers, in turn, bear little resemblance to their original counterparts. The main difference is that they have become more durable, and with proper maintenance and timely replacement of the plates, can even last a lifetime. They are perfectly suited for the task, on the other hand - they allow one to create the necessary aesthetic effects, in the shortest time possible.

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General information about lumineers

Ceramic is a very durable material, similar in its properties to tooth enamel. In addition to their toughness and aesthetics, veneers are highly hygienic. Their surfaces are very smooth, preventing bacterial formation, to a large extent. At the same time, it isn’t very difficult to maintain them - they do not require meticulous care. All one needs to do is to brush one’s teeth twice a day and floss regularly. Needless to say, overall oral hygiene is highly recommended. Bi-Annual, preventive visits to the dentist, have also been shown to help.

The cost of installing veneers is stated below.

The main advantages of Veneers are:

  • They do not require the preparation of teeth before installation and are applied over the cleaned enamel.
  • The colour and shade of the plate can be optimally customised, to ensure a 100% match with the natural shade of your teeth. (the patient can also pick a lighter shade if they wish to do so)
  • Veneers do not dull out/fade over time and are resistant to discolouration and dyes.
  • Mounted teeth alignment plates will protect your native teeth from damage.
  • They are quick, easy and painless to install.

Using digital technology to install veneers

In order to determine whether you need veneers or not, it is necessary to receive a diagnosis, which follows an examination by the dentist, casts, photo registration of the face and smile, joint and muscle screening. The photos are used to determine the shape, size and colour that will best correspond to your individual facial structure and requirements.

The digital technologies at White and White Dental Studio will enable you to see and try on your future veneers, even before the start of the treatment. Special programs are used to create photos of your future smile. A virtual model of the desired type is then built and then, a model of your future veneers is printed, using a 3D printer. You can try them on and see everything live, on the printed plate (mock up).

This makes it possible to check if the results are to your liking and make corrections, if necessary. After all, we are committed to our goal of ensuring that you create, for yourself, a lovely, natural smile that emphasises your own individual uniqueness.

After reading this, if you are still not sure about the decision you should make, please take a minute to drop the query “Veneers (Kharkov) reviews”, on Google. Reading what our clientele and past patients have to say about our clinic, service and standards, might help you make the right decision.

Essential to know!

Dentists don’t always recommend installing zirconium veneers (Kharkov) They are known for their tensile strength and temperature resistance, but they are definitely inferior to porcelain aesthetics. Zirconium is an opaque material that has an unnatural white colour for the micro-prostheses. If you are looking for translucent, natural looking teeth, you should consult a dentist regarding alternatives.


The main indications for installing lumineers

  • The appearance of dark spots on the enamel;
  • The occurrence of a chronic disease - fluorosis;
  • If there is an increased abrasion of teeth;
  • Chips and irregularities of the surfaces of the teeth;
  • For restoration of underdeveloped teeth and reducing interdental spaces.

Expert Advice: Don’t know which to choose - Veneers or Lumineers? Contact a professional! A dentist, following a thorough examination, will be able to assist you with choosing the prosthetic method that is right for you.

In which cases do veneers improve a smile?

  • Abrasions and chipped front teeth;
  • Enamel discolouration;
  • Loss of hard tissue due to injury or caries;
  • Light tooth curvature;
  • Dimples and spots on the surface of the enamel.

Why is it worth turning up at White and White Dental Studio?

  • Complete transparency, so you can evaluate treatment outcomes even before the treatment begins.
  • We use a state-of-the-art operating microscope to ensure that the preparation of the teeth is done with pinpoint accuracy.
  • You choose the shape, colour and size of teeth, to your individual preferences.
  • We prioritise natural, healthy beauty over superficial appearances.

What do you need before?

Before you can have veneers installed at our clinic, in Kharkiv, you will need to do the following:

  • Consultation with a prosthodontist-gnathologist
  • Professional hygiene;
  • Casts (or teeth scan using the 3Shape Trios intraoral scanner);
  • Photo and video registration.

If you are looking to improve the aesthetics of your smile but still don’t know which method to opt for, you are welcome at White and White Dental Studio. We can help you choose the most optimal and reliable solution for you to transform your smile!

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