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In the interest of our patients’ health and beauty, we are proud to offer our extensive range of cosmetic dental services. An open, confident and beautiful smile is probably the most important component of a person’s self-esteem, his/her perceived attractiveness and in turn, quality of life. Teeth are valuable accessories and therefore, modern, aesthetic dentistry is very popular among people of different age groups.

Aesthetic, Cosmetic Dentistry in Kharkov
Aesthetic, Cosmetic Dentistry in Kharkov

Aesthetic, Cosmetic Dentistry in Kharkov

List of Aesthetic Dental Services:

  • Professional oral hygiene;
  • In-office teeth whitening
  • Direct composite restoration
  • Artistic composite restoration
  • Teeth straightening with braces
  • Teeth Reshaping with veneers/lumineers (thin porcelain shells);
  • Restorations with Componeer (composite veneers);
  • Modern teeth decoration

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Aesthetic, Cosmetic Dentistry in Kharkov

Our main goal is to help you find the perfect balance of healthy and aesthetic teeth!

In today’s era of advanced technology, it is easy for one to strike a perfect balance between the aesthetic and health demands of their teeth. Our doctors work with a wide range of modern methods to help effectively solve numerous dental problems - be it, whitening or cosmetically altering size/shape and curvature.

In a nutshell, we are qualified and equipped to provide you with lots of self-confidence and completely transform your smile!

White and White dental studio: The functionality of the teeth is as important as their beauty!

  • Only modern treatment modalities

Quality, Efficiency and accuracy of the end-result during treatment are our 3 main goals.

We achieve them through our commitment to the latest in effective treatment methods and innovative next-generation dental technology.

  • Guarantees and security

In the course of treatment we use only certified materials that meet international quality standards.

All the doctors in our clinic are certified specialists with a long and proven track record.

All protective equipment, used with patients, is single-use only.

All of the above, in summation, helps us provide you quality services with guarantees of results.

  • We’re warm and approachable

White and White Dental Studio - aesthetic dentistry in Kharkiv, where in addition to timely and high-quality dental care, you can also avail a transparent payment scheme. We understand and appreciate the fact that people who want an attractive smile for themselves, come to us. We try our best to provide them with requisite attention and very comfortable conditions, with an eye to speed and efficiency.

We firmly stand against the notion of generalised standards for what constitutes a beautiful smile. We believe in working with each individual’s needs in mind and constantly try to provide suggestions tailor-made to fit you. We want you to have a radiant and lovely smile that turns heads and draws compliments, wherever you go!

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m. Architect Beketov / m. University1, ul. Alchevskikh (Artema), 2 (corner entrance to the building between Girshman st. And Alchevskikh st.)
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