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Implantation is a modern technology for the revival of lost teeth, which entails the implantation of artificial roots in the lower and upper jaws. This is a one of its kind dental procedure, which helps restore lost units of teeth. The implant is a titanium male threaded rod that is screwed into the bone. The implant is not a solid tooth, but replaces only the root of a lost tooth. To restore the crown part of the tooth, an abutment is attached to the implant and a crown or a bridge is attached to it, depending on whether it’s one or more lost teeth, respectively.

Tooth implantation in Kharkov
Tooth implantation in Kharkov
Tooth implantation in Kharkov
Tooth implantation in Kharkov

Tooth implantation in Kharkov

Prosthetics on implants are the most physiologically sensible and long-term means of replacing one or several (or even all) missing teeth. The advantage of implantation is that the adjacent teeth are not dissected or overloaded, as is often the case with dental bridges.

Tooth Implantation

The costs involved in getting dental implants in Kharkov vary and depend on a number of factors- Not just the manufacturer of the implants but also the on the dentist’s approach and planning of the implant. It is therefore vitally important to choose your clinic and doctor carefully and not make the decision solely based on price. After all, health is too valuable to pinch pennies on. The total cost of the service is derived from three individual components - The crown, the implant and the procedure (operation).

The price range is mentioned below:

Nobel Biocare Implantation — 29500 грн.
Straumann SLA Roxolid Implantation — 23000 грн.
Tekka or Straumann SLA Implantation (if in stock) — 19000 грн.
K3 Implantation — 14000 грн.

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Tooth implantation in Kharkov

Important to know:

  • Titanium is a bio-inert, bio-compatible, material that offers phenomenal integration (survivability).
  • The time required for the procedure depends on the complexity of the clinical picture. If the implant has stabilised sufficiently in the bone, it can be loaded with a prosthesis on the same day as the surgery. Otherwise, the implant is sutured under the gum, and is given time to strengthen onto the bone. The average time taken from implantation to final rehabilitation is 8-12 months.
  • Though there is widespread interest in basal implants (blade), we do not recommend it as an alternative. Indeed, this is an inexpensive and fast implantation method, but at the same time it is fraught with a number of complications and is characterized by: a high percentage of implant rejection (up to 30% in the case of BOI); increased trauma during the extraction of basal structures, which eliminates the possibility of re-implantation, if necessary. Therefore, it is better to take your time and consult a competent specialist.
  • The higher the class of the implant system, the more accurate the fit of the end surface of the body and the abutment. In many ways, the life of the implant system depends on the accuracy and density of the fit. Unfortunately, lower the budget and simpler the system, the more errors and inconsistencies in build, one is likely to encounter.

Types of crowns on implants

Implants usually use two types of crowns - Screw and cement.

  • The screw crown is fixed to the implant with a screw that passes through a hole that is covered in aesthetic photopolymer material. The main advantage of such a crowns is that they can be removed and inspected.
  • Cement crowns are filled with a special cement. It is more aesthetic but does not allow for removal during examination.

Advantages of getting your implantation at the White and White dental studio:

  • The use of navigation surgery. The installation of a dental implant (Price range mentioned above) i carried out only on a surgical template, designed in advance and printed on a 3D Printer. This pattern allows the surgeon to perform the implantation in an ideal position.
  • A team comprising of a surgeon, an orthopaedist and a periodontist always take part in the rehabilitation of the patient. Each of these highly qualified specialists brings a selective set of narrow-band skills, that together, help provide a fully integrated approach to treatment and takes into account, the long-term impact of the procedure and the all possible nuances to ensure optimal outcomes, for the patient.
  • We use foreign methods, which have already been proven to be efficacious and efficient , in evidence-based medicine.
  • Our implants come from proven and trusted manufacturers that have made a name for themselves in the industry and offer full warranty.
  • We use a temporary crown to ensure complete individualisation of the gum contour, near the implant, which makes it possible to hide the prosthesis, achieve a natural look and also form healthy gums that protect the sterile bone and the implant from injury and the non-sterile environment.
  • When using an abutment, our specialists prefer individual zirconium abutments. Unlike standard ones, they are made uniquely for each clinical situation. Zirconium, itself, does not irritate surrounding tissues.
  • The patient can discuss the shape of the crowns with the doctor in advance, at the preliminary digital modeling of the smile design, and make corrections, as and when necessary.
  • If necessary, a gnathologist is involved in the work for the physiological positioning of the teeth during the movement and closure of the lower jaw. This prevents possible complications with the temporomandibular joint.
  • We only use high-strength and aesthetic prosthetic structures, using the latest and most cutting-edge techniques in the fields of dental and prosthetic technology, including pressed ceramics, E-max and zirconia crowns.
  • Volumetric surgery is performed under sedation - the patient is introduced into a controlled, drug-induced sleep and doesn’t have any associated panic or anxiety.

What happens if the lost tooth/teeth are not immediately replaced?

  • In the absence of teeth, a host of disorders begins to affect the denition. An overload on neighbouring teeth is observed, which causes an advancing towards the defect; Chewing food becomes difficult and the joints suffer as well.
  • Prolonged absence of one or more teeth leads to atrophy (loss) of tissues, which may necessitate surgical interventions on the plastics of the hard and soft tissues. The sooner the patient addresses the problem, the easier and more economical the solution will be.
  • The best way is to plan the implantation before the tooth is removed, so, the surgeon has more opportunities to maintain favourable conditions for the implant; Alternatively, the installation of the implant can also be done simultaneously with the removal.

It is VERY important to note that if you decide to have your teeth implanted, the price (kharkov) for such a service should really be considered only as a matter of trivial concern, as it concerns your health and it is much more important to make sure that you entrust it only to the most competent of professionals.

What do you need before?

Before getting your implantation at our clinic, in Kharkiv, you will need:

  • Computer Tomography (3D X-ray)
  • Consultation with a prosthetist
  • Surgery consultation
  • Casts for the manufacture of a surgical pattern (scanning with an Trios 3 shape intraoral scanner);
  • planned, professional oral hygiene, a week before the implantation;
  • To give up smoking;
  • Train in proper, personal hygiene of the oral cavity.

Implants provide a beautiful smile and replenish function and aesthetics as well as improving physical and mental health. They have a huge impact on the general quality of life and feeling of wellbeing.

The prices (kharkov) of dental implants, by our specialists, are listed below, in the table. If you have had your teeth removed before, we will be able to help in the restoration of a complete dentition. Contact White and White dental studio, because chewing and smiling, should be as easy as possible. At our clinic, Kharkov’s best implantologists are at your disposal.

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