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Today, many of our patients complain of tooth hypersensitivity. Some feel discomfort only upon contact with cold or hot liquids or food. Others may suffer from pain while brushing their teeth or eating. In time this problem can only worsen. At the slightest discomfort, it is worth discussing treatment with your dentist.

Tooth hypersensitivity: an analysis of the causes and methods of treatment

    What could damage insensitive enamel?

    The reasons for the appearance of hypersensitivity include the following:

    • • Improperly chosen means for cleaning the teeth. This category includes both hard toothbrushes and pastes with abrasive particles. If an aggressive cleaning technique is added to such aggressive agents, then over time, the enamel becomes thinner and sensitive dentine is exposed.
    • • Diseased states of the gums, in which we can see recessions - receding gums and exposed areas of the tooth roots that are not protected by enamel.
    • • Problems caused by an improper bite or unreasonable prosthetics. Incorrect dental occlusion is also very often responsible for crown chips, various cracks and thinning of the enamel.
    • • An overabundance of acidic foods and drinks in the diet. These include citruses, sour apples, wine, sour juices, and carbonated drinks. Over time, an excessive use of acidic products also erodes enamel.
    • • A diet rich in sugars with a high level of simple carbohydrates combined with poor oral hygiene.  If we do not clean our teeth and do not use dental rinse after consuming sugars, we leave a lot of food for bacteria. These later form plaque and initiate tooth decay. This also accelerates erosion of tooth enamel.

Tooth hypersensitivity: an analysis of the causes and methods of treatment
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