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White&White Dental

Our team of dedicated specialists, with their immense knowledge and skill set, are happy to be at your disposal.

We take pride in continually improving and innovating, in keeping with the newest and the best modalities of practice.

Our team
Head doctor, orthodontist, Doctor of Medicine (M.D.). Experience: 15 yearsKrolivets Tetiana
Head doctor, orthodontist, Doctor of Medicine (M.D.). Experience: 15 years

A co-founder of the clinic and an inspiring visionary, she specializes in the correction of occlusive pathologies in children and adults. A towering figure in our Dental office. One of the leading orthodontists in Kharkiv.

Director of the clinic, prosthodontist, endodontist. Experience: over 15 yearsKrolivets Igor
Director of the clinic, prosthodontist, endodontist. Experience: over 15 years

A co-founder of the clinic, he assembled and developed a team of like-minded people – most of them trained by him – And, continues to work with and consult them. He was one of the first practitioners in Ukraine to start working with an Endodontic microscope. He is a noted expert in all known methods of root canal treatment. He has a rich vein of experience in performing orthopedic rehabilitation in complex cases. A true pioneer in bringing the best of Dental services to Kharkiv.

Why us?
Precision and Scrupulousness

We expect nothing but the highest standards of care, from ourselves.

We use microscopic control to ensure thorough cleaning of tissues and a 100% precise fit of restorations.

Clinical Sterility We work relentlessly to ensure a microbe-free, sterile and hygienic clinical setting.
The Latest in Digital Technologies: We use state-of-the-art technology to ensure that each possible stage of treatment is meticulously optimised, speedy and effective
We Speak your Language: We make sure, all communication is accessible, uncomplicated and easy to understand. No complicated terms or unnecessary jargon!
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If you have a toothache or any other dental emergency, in Kharkiv, outside of our working hours - write to us or leave a request - we will contact you shortly and find a way to assist you.

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Choosing an expert to avail a service is often much less straightforward than picking a hygiene product or an electrical appliance. Because the stakes are often higher, reviews of those with prior experience is rendered crucially important. Here are a few reviews from our satisfied patient base:

White&White is:
365days a year, of caring for you
155years of collective experience
580square meters of impeccable cleanliness
5865teeth saved from extraction
2000satisfied customers
2100hours a year of training in modern technology

Dentistry in Kharkov White & White

White&White Dental Studio is a state-of-the-art dental practice in Kharkov, that boasts of some of the leading dental specialists - Prosthodontists, Endodontists, Gnathologists Periodontologists, Dental Therapists, Restorative specialists and surgeons with immense experience.

We are proud to have successfully treated more than a thousand satisfied patients.

Why us?

In Kharkov, although there are dental services aplenty, we believe our patients consistently choose us because we value their time and convenience, above all else. The main advantages that highlight White & White among the remaining clinics are:

  • Precision and Scrupulousness. We are committed towards being maximally meticulous in providing our patients with nothing but the highest standard of dental care. We use state of the art microscopes to monitor the cleaning of tissues. In addition to ensuring technically superlative care, we strive to be as scrupulous, diligent and transparent we can, with our patient base. 
  • Clinical Sterility. As in any good dental clinic in Kharkov, work is done in clean rooms using sterile tools. We take great pride in our exceptional safety and hygiene standards and leave no stone unturned in maintaining our track record of providing sterile and safe clinical settings for our patients.
  • The Latest in Digital Technologies allows to optimize and improved all stages of treatment.
  • We speak the same language. We always strive to just bring patients the subtleties of a particular service, to answer all the questions, to eliminate fear and uncertainty before visiting the dentist. We understand that the specialized terminology is unknown to you, so we are telling all the details available and understandable!
  • Comfort. A pleasant atmosphere reigns in our clinic and everything is done in such a way that your visits are comfortable and bring only positive emotions.
  • Assisting everyone. We are ready to provide dental care outside of our working hours. So that we can find a way to help you, you just need to leave a request on our website - we will contact you shortly and find a way to help you.

White&White Dental Studio Services

We offer the following dental services in Kharkiv:

  • Diagnostic - We use various procedures to investigate your teeth and find out the main cause of your symptoms. The preliminary diagnostic investigation is carried out to patients who complain or toothache or any other discomfort with respect to their oral health. The use of diagnostic equipments is at the discretion of a doctor, depending on the patient’s symptoms or lack thereof.
  • Aesthetic dentistry. We offer teeth whitening services and other aesthetic dental services, such as veneers or aesthetic dental alterations.
  • Orthodontics - We offer bite correction using our brace systems. We also offer aesthetic and metallic ligature in addition to self-ligating, lingual and vestibular braces.
  • Periodontology - It is concerned with the treatment of diseases of the tissues surrounding the teeth. Periodontal symptoms can be signs of underlying disease.
  • Surgical services include implantation, tooth extraction, mucosal procedures among others.
  • Pediatric Dentistry in Kharkiv at the White&White - includes an x-ray of the jaws, treatment of diseased teeth and, if necessary, their removal.
  • Therapy is aimed at caries treatment, aesthetic restoration, root canal diseases treatment (pulpitis, periodontitis).
  • Prosthodontics - restoring the function of individual teeth and the dental apparatus in general. Includes prosthetics on teeth and implants, deals with issues of TMJ (temporomandibular joint disease). 

To make an appointment with a dentist at White&White in Kharkov and receive one of the above services, you can fill out a special form on our website or call one of the phone numbers listed on the website.

FAQs about Kharkiv dentistry

A visit to the dentist’s office shouldn’t be seen as a luxury any longer. It’s a well established that periodic dental check-ups are a vital part of a thorough healthcare plan.

Unfortunately, common misperceptions and a misplaced sense of fear do not allow a lot of patients to trust their doctors. In case you ever feel like you need more information or help regarding your concerns, feel free to write to us or call us and we will be happy to assist you.

  • clean or not clean the dental plaque;
  • how to combat cross-infection;
  • where to start treatment and more.

Also, find more answers to popular questions on our blog.

How to make an appointment at our dental office in Kharkov?

To avail dental services in White&White, all you need to do are:

  • FIll out a form to register your appointment for a consultation. You can find the form on our website, wherein you will be asked to specify your name, number, email and your complaint(s).
  • Get comprehensive information about your questions about dentistry in kharkiv. We will call you shortly after filling the form and answer your questions about obtaining the desired service and try to acquaint you with the finer details and answer any questions you might have. That way, you can be calm about your own health and that of your child’s teeth.
  • Book a date and time to consult with the attending dentist. Then, over the telephone, you can book a convenient date for a visit to the clinic and the doctor you have been recommended.

If you need qualified help or dental services during off-hours, you can fill in a form at White&White Dental Studio’s website and we will get back to you as quickly as possible.

To get acquainted with the features of the available procedures in the clinic and their price, visit the relevant pages of the site or call the phone numbers listed on the site. Bless you!

How to find us?
m. Architect Beketov / m. University1, ul. Alchevskikh (Artema), 2 (corner entrance to the building between Girshman st. And Alchevskikh st.)
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White & White Detal Studio
ул. Алчевских (Артема), 2, г. Харьков Украина
(050) 574 26 68 (097) 770 63 28 wnwdental@gmail.com